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No Gods or Kings, only Man.
— Andrew Ryan
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From humble beginnings, out of Brisbane, Australia, THE SCHOENBERG AUTOMATON was forged in 2009 with an innate intention to recreate the sound of a dream; composer Arnold Schoenberg reanimated as a clockwork machine. Never conforming to a sound that was anything less than themselves, they produce a type of technical death metal that brings a smile to even the most savvy of tech aficionados. 

With a sound that's unmistakeable yet hard to pin down, TSA made a big impact on the Australian metal scene with a debut EP in 2011 that generated a lot of hype for the critically acclaimed release of Vela in 2013. TSA have built a reputation as a ferocious and calculated live act, performing alongside several world-class notaries including Neo Obliviscaris, Animals as Leaders, Between the Buried and Me, Born of Osiris, Psycroptic, Veil of Maya, King Parrot, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Thy Art Is Murder, Aborted and appearing at Australia's iconic Soundwave festival as winners of Triple J Unearthed.

After a successful Pozible campaign to raise $10,000 to have acclaimed producer Shane Frisby (Revocation, Bury Your Dead, The Ghost Inside, Earth Caller etc) for their sophomore release. 2015 has also seen the band relocated to Vancouver, BC; bringing their intense brand of Australian Death Metal to a new audience, giving North American and Canadian fans a chance to experience the chaos for the very first time.

2016 has seen TSA signing a deal, joining the impressive roster at Entertainment One to unleash ‘APUS’; the most savage collection of original compositions from the band yet, enabling the band to tour Canada and the UK in 2016.

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Yet… we’re not done here. Not even close.

TSA was picked up by Extreme Management Group in 2017 and under the careful watch of Mark Kloeppel, the band is poised to produce another full album of dark and crushing tunes, more innovative yet back-to-roots, as well as take it to new places in the world they haven’t been. The new material is set to explore the post-post-apocalyptic visual concepts with enough rhythmic insanity, slamming grooves and unorthodox arrangements to satisfy even the most veteran TSA fan.


Shayne Johnson - Guitar  |  Zimi Shabanay - Bass | Damien Boorman - Guitar | Nelson Barnes - Drums | ??? - Vocals


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Stream APUS on Spotify